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The two were broken by the time they reached the possessed Lord.

It became a battle of wits, and Link was victorious. Yet fear ran through his veins. Countless times the boy had fought sword in hand, won and continued. Soon it seemed as if his entire life revolved around saving the Princess Zelda but when the day finally came, Link wasn't focussed. A piece was missing, and it was huge, frightening–– monstrous.

Except pieces didn't scream.

A Knight has nothing to protect without a Queen.

Her absence created an effect, and he was desperate to touch her. However fate seemingly wasn't on his side when Ganondorf closed a barrier between them. A horrible rage ignited within him, and the barrier didn't fade, unlike his pride. For it was as if the barrier was not created by only Ganondorf, but everyone around him.

Never will Link reach her. They simply weren't.
Suddenly everything became nothing.

When they were reunited, it lasted less than an hour. Such short little time provided by the Devil who grinned at the two, set his plans forwards.

Link knew his responsibilities were to protect Hyrule, but to also guard the only woman who stood by him throughout. Adrenaline pumped furiously, and he shuddered, desperate to win, to create peace.

Of course the Knight was not expecting a betrayal.

It was her eyes.
Dark and sad, but expressing power which she refused to claim her mind.

The familiar sensation of being warped tingled his skin, and all he could think of was the barrier again, how they were separated, refused to belong.


His shadow, his companion...


His friend, his reason...


His Princess.

Before anymore words could escape his lips Link vanished and became the air, vanishing from her sight, a very peculiar and wrong circumstance.

It felt as if his heart were ripped out of his chest and trod on.

His entire vision clouded in agony and there wasn't any pain which compared to this.

The Fused Shadows, the helmet, the crown were held up by the man he loathed bitterly, and the gaping hole in his chest was soon filled with furious anger. It was mocking, a horrible, horrible feeling. And the crown broke, crumbled to the ground, useless.

How it resembled his heart, their fate, his loss.
For his enemy, his motive, his reason, his heart were gone.

There is nothing left.

A warm hand touched his wrist.
Link clenched the blade.

The Queen may have lost the battle,
But a King fights to the bloody end.
Have some Link/Midna angst. It's mostly metaphorical gobble.
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